As with other sectors, CAE is used in the development of safety and dependability cases in the transport sector.  The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been at the forefront of outcome based regulation and the use of the concepts of claims, arguments and evidence. Also, organisations that operate trains in the UK are required to develop and maintain a Railway Safety Case and these may use CAE.

Research & Resources

While many of the applications of CAE will be about specific systems and proprietary, there is some information in the public domain that may be of interest.

Over a decade ago the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published "Acceptable Means of Compliance to CAP 670 SW 01,  Guidance for Producing SW 01 Safety Arguments for COTS Equipment". This provides guidance to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and their suppliers on addressing the objectives of CAP 670 SW 01 (Reference 1) when deploying COTS equipment, and provides examples of CAE.

Currently the CAA is developing “Guidance on the Assessment of  change Safety Cases” (v4.12, 2018). This provides a systematic approach for Competent Authorities to assess a safety case for a change to a system providing an operational service. The guidance requires that the arguments presented in a change safety case must make valid claims, using valid inferences (reasoning/‌justifications) and evidence. It provides practical guidance on achieving this. The executive summary and table of contents are available in resources. For further details please contact us.

CAE is also used in security informed safety cases.