TIGARS (Towards Identifying and closing Gaps in Assurance of autonomous Road vehicleS), a UK-Japan project within the Assuring Autonomy International Programme (AAIP) at the University of York, is underway. It is a partnership between Adelard LLP, City University in London, the University of Nagoya, Kanagawa University, and WITZ Corporation.

TIGARS is using CAE and CAEBlocks  to identify and understand the assurance gaps as well as the basis for an assurance framework for autonomous systems. The assurance approach will be based on an analysis of engineering processes and technical analysis of autonomous vehicles, and will address resilience, formal verification, integrity static analysis, and security aspects.


The outputs of the TIGARS project will be captured in public domain deliverables and input to standards and policy-making bodies.

  • Public domain reports will be available from the project later in 2019 and a summary article will appear in IEEE Computer in September 2019.
  • We will be holding policy and regulatory workshops in London and Tokyo this autumn.

We will announce developments on this site. Pleased contact cae@adelard.com for further information.